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Authors: Yue Qiang, He Jian, Li Li
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:With the complex high-rise and extra-high buildings construction, dynamic characteristics of these structures are more and more paying close...
Authors: Fung Huei Yeh, Ching Lun Li, Kun Nan Tsay
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:This paper presents an explicit dynamic finite element method (FEM) in conjunction with the forming limit diagram (FLD) to analyze the...
Authors: A. Menasri, M. Brahimi, R. Frank, A. Bali
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:The main aim of this study is to examine on the real and simulated earthquakes effects. This paper deals with the use of ARMA models in...
Authors: Hai Wang Li, Cai Hong Guo, Jing Liu
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, the elasto-plastic dynamic analysis on the steel spatial arch truss with 120m span and 0.1 rise-span ratio is carried out...
Authors: Liang Li Xiao, Xiao Tao Wang, Yue Li, William M. Bulleit
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:A probabilistic model is used to assess the structural reliability of typical reinforced concrete masonry walls under combined shear and...
Authors: Yuan Yuan Zhang, Shun Ming Li, Yi Xian Hu, Guo You Hu, Wen Feng Lu, Xing Xing Wang
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:Based on compute analysis engineering (CAE), the performances of acoustic and fluent for muffler comprehensively were analyzed and optimized...
Authors: Ru Jun Han, Zhi Feng Nie
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:The shape functions in C1 natural element method (C1 NEM) are built upon the natural neighbor interpolation (NNI), and...
Authors: Shuang Liu, Qing Wen Ren
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:The state before and after structural failure is quite different, which leads to some sudden changes to its corresponding energy. According...
Authors: Yao Chen, Jian Feng
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:The inner concave cable arch structure has been adopted in some engineering applications in recent years. Geometric configuration of the...
Authors: Jan Szweda, Zdenek Poruba
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:In this paper is discussed the way of suitable numerical solution of contact shape optimization problem. The first part of the paper is...
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