Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tie Jun Liu, Yong Zhang, Gang Li, Feng Hui Wang

Abstract: In design of solar powered aircraft wing panel, vibration properties of wing panel should be considered, especially for the peak value of...

Authors: Chun Rong Jiang, Long Jin, Min Qiang Hu, Rui Xia Wang

Abstract: Rigid contact model of rotor/stator in ring type traveling wave ultrasonic motor without frictional material based on finite element method...

Authors: Wen Rui Wang, Han Chen, Sai Du, Bo Yang

Abstract: A comprehensive nonlinear vehicle model of a tracked vehicle suspension is established by using multi-body dynamics software Recurdyn, which...

Authors: Hong Jin, Long Jin, Min Qiang Hu, Zhi Ke Xu

Abstract: In order to find out the dynamic peculiarity of piezoelectric-stack displacement-amplifying actuator, three methods: harmonic response...

Authors: Yuan Qi Cai, Ke Zhang

Abstract: In the engineering background of the prototype test of a deep radial gate on three gorges dam, two methods are provided for the modal...

Authors: Ming Zhou Chen, Qi Dou Zhou

Abstract: Unsteady CFD method based on realizable k-ε model is used for predicting unsteady forces of propeller working in non-uniform wake. First,...

Authors: Fei Yao, Ke Liu, Shou Ping Shang

Abstract: A new steel-asphalt composite seismic isolation layer is introduced briefly. Based on data of shake table tests, regression analysis by...

Authors: Shi Wei Chen, Kai Lin Jian

Abstract: On the base of traditional robust optimal design in statics, in this paper, by considering the system under the incentive force of the...

Authors: Pei Xin Li, Xiao Jun Zhou, Yan Ding Wei, Fang Tang

Abstract: Based on the operating characteristics of tracked vehicle transmission system, the dynamic characteristics and research methods for...

Authors: Zhan Fang Liu, Xiao Wei Guo

Abstract: Abstract: A dynamical analysis on a mass fixed at the tip of a massless flexible rod mounting on a rotating rigid body is presented in which...


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