Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Hong Zhang, Liang Ma, Jie Wei Lin, Gui Chang Zhang

Abstract: Dynamic responses of flexi rotor-ball-bearing system under unbalance misalignment rubbing coupling faults are studied. Coupling faults...

Authors: Xing Guo Shao, Zhen Cai Zhu, Guo Hua Cao, Yi Lei Li

Abstract: This paper investigates the dynamics of a sinking winch mechanism in the framework of non-smooth dynamics. The previous works ignored the...

Authors: Xiao Hong Zheng, Zhi Qiang Hou, Wei Han, Zhong Hu Jia

Abstract: To send the very low frequency signals, the length of antenna must attend one-half of a wavelength, maybe more than 8,000 meters sometimes....

Authors: Wei Feng Zhang, Xin Gang Zhang, Chuan Shuai Fan, Wei Liu, Jun Jie Chen

Abstract: To investigate the main vibration source which caused the serious vibration in passenger ride area of one type bus under its engine’s idling...

Authors: Yao Bin Niu, Zhong Wei Wang

Abstract: Aeroelastic analysis plays a vital role in the design of hypersonic wings. The thermal flutter of hypersonic tail under different materials...

Authors: Zhong Hu Jia, Wei Han, Xiao Hong Zheng, Yang Tao

Abstract: The arresting landing of carrier aircraft is especial dynamic problem. During this process,the gear would bear the very big dynamic...

Authors: Shi Jing Wu, Zeng Lei Zhang, Zhen Hao Liu, Ji Cai Hu

Abstract: Galloping of power transmission lines is a low frequency self-oscillation with large amplitude. The aerodynamic effect on each sub-conductor...

Authors: Zhu Xin Huang, Ming Xia Fang, Wei Zhuo Quan

Abstract: In this paper, the hypersonic aircraft model is divided into several substructures according to its structure and shape characteristics....

Authors: Tan Li, Qi Xin Yin, Xi Chen, Yong Ping Hou

Abstract: According to statistics, 70% of national highway traffic accidents are due to tire blowout, and a speed of more than 160km/h makes mortality...

Authors: Fang Tang, Xiao Jun Zhou, Yan Ding Wei, Pei Xin Li

Abstract: Fidelity of vehicle dynamics is directly affected by virtual terrain data in driving simulator, in order to satisfy both high fidelity and...


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