Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Chao Zhu, Zhi Min Chen, Xiang Hua Du, Rong Fu Mao

Abstract: Support vector regression is used to establish a kind of patch near-field acoustic holography. The regression functions are constructed by...

Authors: Guo You Hu, Pin Qi Xia, Xing Xing Wang, Wen Feng Lu

Abstract: For the relatively strong vibration caused by a three-wheeled motorcycle exhaust system and raised the level of the noise in the whole...

Authors: Jian Dong Shang, Jun Qi Guo, Dong Fang Hu

Abstract: The vibration is a high-precision machine tool components in the design of the major issues, facing its precision has a great influence, so...

Authors: Gang Jun Zhai, Xiao Jie Song, Wei Diao, Bin Bin Li

Abstract: A calculation model for Truss Spars motion response is established under the wave action by combing the potential flow theory and the...

Authors: Pei Hsun Tsai, Kang Nan Chen

Abstract: In the paper the shear wave velocity and Poisson’s ratio profile are studied using the MASW test. Slant stacking was adopted in experimental...

Authors: Yun Dong Sha, Zhi Jun Gao, Fei Xu

Abstract: Thin-walled structures of future hypersonic flight vehicles will encounter complex loadings and exhibit obvious nonlinear responses. The...

Authors: Tuan Dat Vu, Da Wei Dong, Bing Yan, Chun Rong Hua, Qi Yang Tu

Abstract: The hydraulic suspension system is an important system of modular assembled trailer, which is used to turn trailer, control chassis frame...

Authors: Jing Chen, Zhen Yue Ma, Yun Liang Zhang

Abstract: As the capacity and water head of large hydropower projects become higher and higher, the flow-induced structural vibration of powerhouse...

Authors: E Liang Dong, Wei Hui Wang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: The accurate identification of modal parameters is the core content in the experiment modal analysis of structure. The effective and...

Authors: Zdenek Poruba, Jan Szweda

Abstract: The paper describes modal analysis of lifting platform usually used in theatre technologies. The platform itself consists of several...


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