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Authors: Yu Xu Zhang
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:Stability of the large thin-walled absorption tower is essential to its safe operation. The large finite-element analysis software is adopted...
Authors: Si Qing Zhang, Chang Zhen Li, Li Xiang Zhang, Xiao Xu Zhang
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:The RNG turbulence model is used to carry out the 3D steady turbulent calculation on the runner and draft tube of the Francis turbine. And...
Authors: Xing Xing Wang, Guo An Yang, Ya Jun Fan
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:On the basis of the rotor dynamic balancing theory, the rotor balancing least squares influence coefficient method has been discussed in...
Authors: Bo Qian, Shi Jing Wu, Hong Wu Li, Jin Xu
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:The nonlinear dynamic model of Ravingneaux compound planetary gear sets has been built. The model includes time-varying mesh stiffness of...
Authors: Lei Wang, An Jun Chen
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:The geometric nonlinear dimensionless dynamical equations of suspension spring cushioning packaging system were established and a new concept...
Authors: Zha Gen Ma, Xue Ying Xu, Guo Hua Han
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:As cars become quieter the sound quality of components becomes more critical in the customer perception of car quality. This requires a need...
Authors: Jun Zhang, Xin Wu Zeng, Yi Bo Wang, Zhen Fu Zhang, Dan Chen
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:Detection and classification of buried objects is of great importance in underwater counterterrorism and archaeology. To penetrate the...
Authors: Yong Fu Wang, Qi Dou Zhou, Zhi Yong Xie, Xiao Jun Lv
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:An acoustic similarity due to two geometrically similar structures which are vibrating in heavy flow, such as in water, is investigated. The...
Authors: Jian Li Ge, Yan Zhi Wang, Jian Wei Hao, Guo Lai Yang
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:In order to properly simulate bolted joints and make the numerical modes as accurate as possible, this paper is focused on modeling methods...
Authors: Yun Xiang Lu, Yuan Qi Cai, Qing Fei Qu, Qian Hua Zhan
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:Viscous dampers are widely used in vibration energy dissipation project. The researches on viscous dampers used in energy dissipation project...
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