Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Hong Zheng, Tong Chun Li

Abstract: Considering the contacts between solid and fluid are subjected to dynamic lodes, the influence of vibration characteristic of structure...

Authors: Jin Bo Ma, Li Jun Wang, Ting Tang

Abstract: In order to study the influence on structural vibration from pre-stress and eccentricity, a experiment is designed. After analyzing the...

Authors: Xiang Mei Yan

Abstract: Based on the random vibration and system identification theory, the ambient vibration testing of two adjacent transmission towers were...

Authors: Kai Wu, Ai Jun Jiang, Kai Yang

Abstract: In order to restrain the regenerative chatter and improve the processing efficiency of thin-walled parts, stability analysis for the milling...

Authors: Zhen Fu Zhang, Xin Wu Zeng, Qing Yu Cai, Kai Feng Han

Abstract: Shock wave focusing by an ellipsoidal reflector can produce higher pressure in the focal region. The focusing process of shock wave was...

Authors: Wen Yang Gao, Qian Wu, Zhi Wen Cui, Kei Xie Wang, He Feng Dong

Abstract: Acoustic wave propagation in fluid-saturated porous cylindrical shell is investigated in this paper by using the Biot’s theory. The...

Authors: Chang Shui Feng, Shuang Lin Chen

Abstract: The asymptotic Lyapunov stability with probability one of Mathieu-Van der Pol system with time-delayed feedback control under wide-band...

Authors: Chao Ying Zhou, Wen Ying Ji, Xing Wei Zhang

Abstract: The effects of tripping rods on characteristics and fluid forces acting on a single cylinder was three-dimensional numerical studied in a...

Authors: Ting Ting Zhao, Ming Jian Wang, Jian Ping Wu, Yun Feng Song

Abstract: Satellite solar panel bears with crucial responsibility in supplying energy while satellite orbits the moon. Through analyzing the vibration...

Authors: Xiao Chen Mao

Abstract: The paper studies the dynamical behaviors of a recurrent neural network model consisting of three neurons with time delays through...


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