Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Zhou, Yan Ping Liu

Abstract: In the conditions of Rain-wind excitation, droplets suspended to the conductor within the strong electric field, which amplifies corona...

Authors: Yu Jie Guo, Yong Wei Tian, Jing Yu Liu, Wen Tao Zhang, Zhan Hui Liu

Abstract: Two turbine generator units with unstable vibration faults caused by unreasonable bearing elevation distribution are presented. Using the...

Authors: Yong Juan Cao, Yun Kai Huang, Long Jin

Abstract: Due to its compact construction and high power density, the axial-flux permanent-magnet (AFPM) machine with coreless stator has obtained...

Authors: Zhi Min Chen, Hai Chao Zhu, Rong Fu Mao

Abstract: The conventional planar near-field acoustic holography is not suitable for cyclostationary sound field radiated by the rotating machines....

Authors: Dong Fang Hu, Wen Hui Liu

Abstract: This paper shows the static strength analysis of the tractor front axle housing by using of the finite element analysis software ANSYS,...

Authors: Ding Ding Liu, Zhi Hua Feng, Bao Hui Tan, Yin Ping Tang

Abstract: Due to the complicated structure and the high speed turbulence, it is difficult to measure and analyze the flow field characteristics of the...

Authors: Di Liu, Shu Lin Wang, Yan Chen Du, Hai Chao Li, Yin Zhang Sun

Abstract: In cantilever beam system, through the experimental method to study vibration reduction mechanism of particle collision damper. The filling...

Authors: Shu Fang, Sheng Peng Liu, Jing Liang

Abstract: The vibration of fire smoke exhausting robot affects a lot on running quality. The rotational speed of engine is fixed and the vibration of...

Authors: Feng Qin He, Ping Zhou, Jian Gang Wang

Abstract: A 17-27-5 type BP neural network model was built, whose sampled data was got by hydrocyclone separation experiments; another 6-30-5 type BP...

Authors: Gang Ji, Qi Dou Zhou, Chun Wen Huang

Abstract: A modification of traditional FEM/BEM called element grouping method (EGM) is proposed to calculate the elastic vibration and acoustic field...


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