Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Bin Hu, Min Xun Lu

Abstract: To achieve the tracing control of a three-links spatial robot, a backstepping fuzzy sliding mode controller based on variable rate reaching...

Authors: Mu Lan Wang, Jian Min Zuo, Kun Liu, Xing Hua Zhu

Abstract: In order to meet the development demands for high-speed and high-precision of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools, the equipped...

Authors: Li Wen Wang, Dan Dan Shi, Hao Wang

Abstract: Airport crash fire vehicle simulator is an important device that is used in training of the airport firefighters, which has advantage of...

Authors: Gang Li, Ying Fang, Ya La Tong

Abstract: This paper mainly used two different grey models to predict the numbers of candidates of applying for the college entrance examination. We...

Authors: Qing Zhang, Li Xue, Tian Wei He, Xian Rong Qin, Yuan Tao Sun

Abstract: The steel strand cables can effectively stand for the horizontal wind load, enhance the lateral stiffness of the lifting stand, reduce the...

Authors: Zuo Chao Lv, Bai Jing Qiu, Yi Jun Fang

Abstract: Data acquisition in fields, especially yield data acquisition, is an important step in precision agriculture.To obtain the yield...

Authors: You Lin Xu, Hui Zhang, Wei Zheng

Abstract: This paper analyzes the importance of rock bolting in coal mining, and the difficult of using rock bolting in breakthough with the affect of...

Authors: H. Xie, Wen Cai, Shang Li

Abstract: This paper aims at exploring a new parallel machine as a configuration integration, and developing this new configuration into a series. The...

Authors: Xin Sheng Yao, Jian Hua Qu, Ji Lai Ying

Abstract: This paper describes a prototype system based on floating taxi for traffic condition identification. The system consists of in-vehicle...

Authors: Ming Xuan He, Xin Lu, Xin Chen, Xing Ling, Yuan Li, Hong Wang, Gui Fu Ding

Abstract: Quantitative dimensional metrologies of Nano/microstructures are increasingly demanded following the rapid developments in, for instance,...


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