Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Han Ting Zhu, Qian Ding

Abstract: By means of the finite differential method, the Reynolds equation is solved and the static characteristics of herringbone grooved...

Authors: Chun Hui Lu

Abstract: Profile is the most important base in double-action compressor design. Different cylinder profile decides different working chamber volume...

Authors: Chun Hui Lu

Abstract: As the water flowing through a reservoir, the floating probably stays in somewhere. Sometimes the floating can be breathed into the mouth of...

Authors: Qiu Qin Yue, Hua Yu

Abstract: Owing to the deficiency of machining non-circular curve by manual programming in CNC system, the universal macro-program of machining...

Authors: Hai Na Sun

Abstract: . The (2,1)-total labelling of the tree has been widely studied. In this paper we study the (3,1)-total labelling number of the tree. The...

Authors: Xiao Ping Wang, Min Liu, Ge Yang, Zhen Xing Li

Abstract: Arched Corrugated Steel Roof (ACSR) is a kind of thin-shell steel structure. Although it has many advantages, the characteristics of little...

Authors: Qin He Gao, Hai Zhou Song, Zhi Yong Yang, Bo Liu, Wen Liang Guan

Abstract: An application of high speed on-off valve which is connected between rod cavity and no-stem cavity of hydraulic cylinder was designed to...

Authors: Jun Qiang Lian, Shun Yi Xie, Jian Wang

Abstract: This paper provide two methods to analyze the cogging torque of PM motor with radial magnetic field and parallel magnetic field, FEM method...

Authors: Ya Bin Tian, Xue Yi Qi, Jia Xin Hu

Abstract: In the last decades, many methods of ANSYS finite element modeling have been proposed. By comparing the two different methods of beam...

Authors: Xiao Hong Hao, Qun Gu

Abstract: Clonal selection algorithm is improved and proposed as a method to solve optimization problems in iterative learning control. And a clonal...


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