Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: U. Ray, A. Sarkar, S. Sen, B. Roychowdhury, N. Barman

Abstract: In the present work, the heat transfer behavior during induction heating of a cylindrical aluminum billet is performed numerically. The...

Authors: Ali Soleimani

Abstract: The equation of large deflection of functionally graded beam subjected to arbitrary loading condition is derived. In this work assumed that...

Authors: K. Gopinath, K. Raghavendra, M.K. Behera, E.V.Subba Rao, M. Umakanth, S. Gopinath

Abstract: Mass properties of aerospace vehicle viz Weight, Center of Gravity (Xcg, Ycg, Zcg) & Mass Moment of Inertia (Ixx, Iyy & Izz) are...

Authors: V. Parthiban, Ashwin Russelle

Abstract: In order to predict a turbulent flow around a triangular cylinder a high Reynolds number of 45000 is done in the numerical simulation. In...

Authors: R.K. Sahoo, B.B. Jha, T.K. Sahoo, Barada Kanta Mishra, Olga I. Bylya, M.K. Sarangi

Abstract: Deformation of Titanium alloys close to optimal superplastic condition i.e. near superplastic regime of deformation leads to significant...

Authors: Wei Ni, Zhao Xiong, Qian Xiong, Ning Tan, Xiao Dong Yuan, Zhi Jiang Xie, Wan Guo Zheng

Abstract: This assay analyzes the docking of BLRU for the SG-Ⅲ Laser Facility, where centering and collision issues are pointed out as the key...

Authors: Su Xu

Abstract: In this paper, a remote mine-gas concentration real-time detecting system is realized, which is cored at the MSP430F247 single chip and the...

Authors: M. Arunachalam, Kailash Padmanaban, K. Asvin, R. Senthil Kumar, B. Vijaya Ramnath

Abstract: This paper focuses on measuring of an object’s three axes dimensions (X Y&Z) simultaneously. The instrument is called “3D syskevis...

Authors: S. Mahto, U.S. Dixit

Abstract: —In this work, comparative study for dynamic response is carried out for optimized single link flexible robotic manipulator under various...

Authors: M. Thangavel, S. Raghavan, R. Raviprakash, V. Rubesh Raja, Shankar Manickam

Abstract: In this paper, a robot design suitable for swarm based security system is presented. First, a possible layout for swarm based security...


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