Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Ouyang, M. Zhang

Abstract: Novel heterocyclic derivative of 3-(N-n-dodecylammonium) quinazolin-4-ones was synthesized and its tribological performance when...

Authors: Mukesh Kumar Awasthi, Rishi Asthana, G.S. Agrawal

Abstract: The present paper deals with the study of viscous contribution to the pressure for the viscous potential flow analysis of Kelvin-Helmholtz...

Authors: Vahid Golkarfard, Pouyan Talebizadeh, Mazyar Salmanzadeh

Abstract: Buildings are one of the most important energy consumers in the world. High temperature gradients in heating systems can cause the increase...

Authors: Alireza R. Daneshmehr, A. Mohammadi Fakhar, A.R. Nateghi

Abstract: Finite element solution is presented for finitely long, simply-supported, orthotropic, piezoelectric shell panel under pressure and...

Authors: Ali Sarosh, Dong Yun Feng, Muhammad Adnan

Abstract: This paper is aimed at development of an integrated approach based on analytical and computational aerothermodynamics for the special case...

Authors: S. Neethu, K.S. Shinoy, A.S. Shajilal

Abstract: This paper presents the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) based design, optimization and development of an axial flux permanent magnet brushless...

Authors: Alireza R. Daneshmehr, Saeed Momeni, Mahdi Reza Akhloumadi

Abstract: In this paper the problem of a density-functionally gradient beam subjected to uniform load is studied. Airy stress function methodology is...

Authors: Sachin B. Ingle, R.S. Maurya

Abstract: In many process equipments and mechanical system where a flow needs to be distributed among several outlets, the design is generally based...

Authors: Joo Han Kim, In Soung Jung, Nahmkeon Hur, Wook Kim

Abstract: Heavy vehicle cooling fan is seen as one of the main means of vehicular fuel efficiency reduction. This is becoming a major factor in city...

Authors: Gugulothu Bhiksha, K. Buschaiah

Abstract: In electro discharge machining (EDM) the metal removal occurs from the erosive effects of high frequency sparks. Consequently the erosion...


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