Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.A. Eftekhari, F. Bakhtiari-Nejad, E.H. Dowell

Abstract: There are many nonlinear systems used in engineering which require damage detection. For such systems, nonlinear damage detection methods...

Authors: Kay Thwe, Gao Gao

Abstract: Prediction of total hull resistance has been investigated for many decades and it is still a challenging problem for naval architect. In...

Authors: Irwan Mohd Azmi Mohd, Nor C. Sidik Azwadi

Abstract: In this paper, we report an efficient numerical method to predict thermal fluid flow behavior in a square cavity filled with porous medium....

Authors: Gholamhosein Shahgoli, J. Nasrollahi Azar, Yousef Abbaspour-Gilandeh

Abstract: In tillage operations to know soil reaction force on the tools working inside soil and under agricultural vehicle tires, soil mechanical...

Authors: Ghalib Y. Kahwaji, Abbas S. Hussien, Omar M. Ali

Abstract: In the present work, the natural convection heat transfer from horizontal cylinder with square cross section situated in a square enclosure,...

Authors: Gui Xiong Shi, Guo Jun Zhang, Xi Bao Liu, Xiao Yao Wang, Jiao Xu

Abstract: In this paper, we analysis the working principle of a cilium-type MEMS vector hydrophone, by analyzing we obtained the errors of the vector...

Authors: Duongthi Thuy Nga

Abstract: This paper presents an improved oil spill model, coupled with a current model based on a 2D finite-difference grid. The aim of this study is...

Authors: Zhao Qun Du, Gang Zheng, Hua Shen, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: The compressibility, bending, weight, friction, tensile and shear properties of wool fabrics and yarns are of vital importance in the hung...

Authors: Wei Jia Zhang, Hang Jie Yu

Abstract: Research on very fine fossil corals from Shiqiantan Fm, Xinjiang (310Ma) which have very clear growth lines caused by diurnal increments of...

Authors: Jun Lu

Abstract: In this paper, we solve the rigorous solutions of attractive nonlinear Schrödinger equation which models the Bose-Einstein condensate,...


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