Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K. Lam, Y.F. Lin, Y. Liu, L. Zou

Abstract: The effect of the wavy surface on the aerodynamic characteristics of an airfoil is studied using the large eddy simulations. A more gentle...

Authors: Atthaphon Ariyarit, Rung Kittipichai

Abstract: This paper deals with the new method to design the optimum design for hospital bed, which can separate the left and or right leg for...

Authors: Mahmood Sanchooli, Omid Solaymani Fard

Abstract: This paper deals with a class of optimal control problems governed by linear Fredholm integral equations. A direct scheme based on the...

Authors: V. Naren Sreenivas, D. Karthik, V. Aravinth Kumar, V.D. Sidharth, T. Meenatchi Sundaram, Soumitro Sarkar, Narayanan B. Sabarish

Abstract: Disposal of fly ash obtained from thermal power plants is a major environmental concern. Fly ash contains large proportions of silica and...

Authors: Keivan Eskandary, Morteza Dardel, Mohammad Hadi Pashaei, Abdol Majid Kani

Abstract: In this study aeroelastic characteristics of long high aspect ratio wing models with structural nonlinearities in quasi-steady aerodynamics...

Authors: Anis Gharbi, Abdulrahman M. Al-Ahmari, Mohamed Kais Msakni, Hisham Al-Khalefah

Abstract: This paper considers the problem of designing cellular manufacturing systems (CMS) with the presence of alternate process plans, tools and...

Authors: S. Torfi, S.M. Hosseini Nejad

Abstract: In this paper, a numerical model is developed to simulate single droplet heat and mass transfer in a two-pieces solution with a saturated...

Authors: Neda Beitollahi Tavakoli, Parviz Fattahi

Abstract: Mixed-model assembly line is known to be a special case of production lines where various and different models of the same products are...

Authors: M. Yousefi, F. Ommi, Mehdi Farajpour

Abstract: In this study a CFD model of a spark ignition (SI) engine was prepared using KIVA-3V code and experimental data to investigate the...

Authors: Ying Dan Mao

Abstract: With the progressive development of photogrammetric technology, the digital photogrammetric method based on the basic principles of digital...


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