Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Wu, Yun He, Song Feng

Abstract: This study explores the method of extracting modal parameters of constrained structure from test data. The normal mode spectrum matrix...

Authors: Hafeez Farrukh, M.N. Desmukh, Husain Asif, D.K. Sehgal

Abstract: The paper presents a non conventional technique to predict the constitutive behavior of materials by assessing the true stress–true strain...

Authors: Abhay M. Khalatkar, Rakesh H. Haldkar, V.K. Gupta

Abstract: There is increasing demand for developing smart structures in various electronic and electromechanical systems during past two decades. The...

Authors: Hadi Kalani, Alireza Akbarzadeh

Abstract: In this paper, performance of a 16 link snake robot in serpentine locomotion is investigated. Key kinematics and dynamics parameters are...

Authors: Alireza Akbarzadeh, Mohammad Sadeghi

Abstract: — Dimensional changes because of shrinkage is one of the most important problems in production of plastic part using injection molding. In...

Authors: Ping Zhou, Dong Feng Liu

Abstract: The rapid development of manufacturing industry making the pursuit of equipment performance increasingly demanding. Proceeded from design,...

Authors: Jun Zhao Zhang, Cong Ling Wang, Xue Fa Fang

Abstract: The reliability of the pneumatic cylinder was investigated by routine life test. The results show that the failures of the pneumatic...

Authors: Fatemehsadat Salehi, Ramin Haghighi Khoshkho

Abstract: Cooling system is a subsystem of a power plan that has an indispensable effect on efficiency of power plant. Air Cooled Condenser (ACC)...

Authors: Mostafa Noruzi Nashalji, Seyed Mohammad Razeghi, Mahdi Aliyari Shoorehdeli, Mohammad Teshnehlab

Abstract: This paper describes hybrid multivariate methods: Fisher’s Discriminant Analysis and Principal Component Analysis improved by Genetic...

Authors: Bo Wang, Yong Jian Li, Zhe Ming Song, Jin Gen Sheng, Huan Cao

Abstract: Choosing reaction time as dependent variable, the paper discussed the effects of object independent vibration on visual identification...


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