Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao MA Yun, Lu Ping Chao, J. S Hsu

Abstract: The thesis aims to characterize the mechanical properties and stresses for thin films deposited on the circular substrates. First, the thin...

Authors: Yu Chuan Liu, Ming Cong

Abstract: This paper proposes an interactive augmented reality (AR) architecture for online computer supported collaborative work (CSCW). Current CSCW...

Authors: Hsueh Chun Lin, Yao Ming Hong, Wen Pei Sung, Ying Chih Chen, Yao Chiang Kan

Abstract: This study aims to generate a risk evaluation methodology for the aged dam structure by coupling the micro and macro models created by...

Authors: Chung C. Chang

Abstract: Considering the rapid progress of information technology (IT) and volatility of the marketing environment, the past concept that enterprises...

Authors: Qian Yu, Li Wen Zhang, Qing Duan Meng

Abstract: To reduce the fracture probability of InSb infrared detector in thermal shock from room temperature to 77K, for 16×16 mesa structure InSb...

Authors: Qian Bin Chen, Yang Wang, Zhan Jun Liu, Cheng Chao Liang

Abstract: The problem of automatic selection and configuration of base station sites in the dynamic scenario is investigated. We propose a intelligent...

Authors: Jian Lin Qiu, Fen Li, Xiang Gu, Li Chen, Yan Yun Chen

Abstract: We make an approach to the logic optimization algorithm including converting multi-valued logic into two-valued logic and converting...

Authors: Hong Jun Zhang, Li Jia Xu, Wen Long Zhao, Ming Dan Liu, Wen Jun Zhou, Chao Yang

Abstract: In order to achieve higher recognition rate of unfertilized eggs, the paper proposes a new method based on the area feature of egg's...

Authors: Yong Hui Fang, Xu Fei Zheng, Tang Tang Xie

Abstract: Due to the proactive defend against the worm propagation and patch the susceptible hosts, benign worms are attracting wide attentions in the...

Authors: Ming Chu Hsieh, Alan C. Lin

Abstract: With the advance of science and medicine, life expectancy of human beings becomes increasingly higher. Never the less, human bones and...


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