Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Sun, Hai Yang Hou, Jin Peng Liu

Abstract: According to the analysis of security factors for regional power grid, this paper established a comprehensive evaluation index system for...

Authors: Jian Ping Wang, Yan Pei Liu, Yong Huang

Abstract: TSP has been studied in many methods by various algorithms. with the increase of the TSP scale, there are some problems appear in the...

Authors: Yu Zhang, Li Hua Wu, Zi Qiang Luo

Abstract: In solving complex optimization problems, intelligent optimization algorithms such as immune algorithm show better advantages than...

Authors: Feng Yuan Zou, Juan Feng Jin, Jie Sun, Ming Li

Abstract: In order to improve the fitting of garment on shoulder, the measurement of 275 young females aged from 20-24 were taken with 3D-body...


Abstract: Paper unavailable due to copyright issues.

Authors: Shu Chun Yu, Xiao Yang Yu, Jian Ying Fan, Hai Bin Wu, Yang Wang, Qiao Hua Feng

Abstract: To combat the problems of disparity image inpainting, an improved exemplar-based image inpainting method is proposed. The original stereo...

Authors: Shu Liang Sun, Cheng Lian Liu, Si Sheng Chen

Abstract: First-order linear filter is a wide application algorithm to detect edge in digital image. However it dosen’t make good effort to the image...

Authors: Hai Long Huang, Hong Wang

Abstract: It is much more complex and difficult for edge detection of noise image compared to edge detection of normal image,the analysis and study of...

Authors: Zhen Huang, Yuan Yuan, Yu Xing Peng

Abstract: We are witnessing the rapid development of Cloud Computing techniques and services. Cloud Storage is widely applied in nowadays research and...

Authors: Wei Guo, Ming Huo, Hong Yu Shao, Lei Wang

Abstract: According to IT investments into performance process model, the paper measures the manufacturing enterprises informatiaztion process...


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