Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Pei Liu, Jun Hui Fu, Hong Yu Feng

Abstract: With the larger and more complex of the size and function of software products,choosing an efficient modeling technique for analyzing...

Authors: Shu Chun Yu, Xiao Yang Yu, Jian Ying Fan, Hai Bin Wu

Abstract: The stereo matching algorithm based on aligning genomic sequence is proposed in the paper. This method is divided in three steps: do genomic...

Authors: Ru Shan Yan

Abstract: New media technology changes our communication way and communication object, and also every aspect of our life, including communication,...

Authors: Jian Shu Gao, Ren Yi Han, Zhi Jing Yu, Wen Qiao

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy of near infrared multispectral ice detection on aircraft wings, we present an improved unit detection...

Authors: Qing Wei Ye, Zhi Min Feng, Hai Gang Hu

Abstract: The free response function is the foundation of mode analysis and recognition of vibration signal, and random decrement algorithm is the...

Authors: Wang Yuan, Cuixia Bai, Yi Gang Wang, Mei Yu, Feng Shao, Zong Ju Peng, Song Yin Fu, Fu Cui Li

Abstract: Camera calibration is one of the key technologies of Computer Vision. This paper presented a microscope camera calibration method based on...

Authors: Li Li, Xiao Guang Li, Chang Hai Qin, Xiu Tai Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces that the representation and storage of hierarchical model via a database table, achieves the dynamic generation and...

Authors: Lei Zhao, Sheng Zhong

Abstract: Owners, contractors and supervisors are key members included in construction projects. There are two kinds of principal-agent relationships...

Authors: Jun Hou, Kui Liu, Qian Mu Li

Abstract: Some methods on calculating a nonlinear Common Social Science Field Numerical Integration are proposed in this paper. It mainly concentrated...

Authors: Jing Jiang, Guang Chao Liu, Chao Feng Li, Lei Wang, Shu Ying Liu, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: Articulatory vibrating screen is composed of multi-section screen with articulatory vibrating. The principle of even-thickness screening is...


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