Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Na Liu, Xue Liang Pei, Li Feng Yang, Jun Yuan, Xiu Min Nie

Abstract: Based on the powerful function of MATLAB software in curve fitting of data, this paper introduces the commonly used method of MATLAB in...

Authors: Si Miao Fei, Yu Zhao, Lin Huo

Abstract: Complicated structure of complex system makes it difficult to analyze and evaluate its reliability. Here we propose a method to calculate...

Authors: Lin Huo, Chuan Lv, Si Miao Fei, Dong Zhou

Abstract: As most Mutual Information method is limited to the correlation analysis between discrete variables in majority and tendency of choosing the...

Authors: Xin Mei Yuan, Si Zhu Zhou, Tian Cheng Huang

Abstract: With three-dimensional finite element method, the crosshead of plunger pump was analyzed. The distribution law of stress at the crosshead...

Authors: Zheng Jie Wang, Xiao Guang Zhao, Xu Qian, Xue Zhen Cheng

Abstract: Strip-based sensor networks consist of a large amount of sensor nodes, which is characterized by multihop communication patterns. The nodes...

Authors: Lian Gong Song

Abstract: In the development of software project, requirements stability is an important factor which relates to success or failure of software...

Authors: Hai Rong Xu, Wen Hua Lu

Abstract: When image digitalization device translate fastener into fastener image, the fastener image is always skewed to some extent, which will...

Authors: Ping Chuan Zhang, Yun Long Kong, Hang Sen Zhang

Abstract: This paper design an intelligent photovoltaic cell test system. The high performance dual-core 16bits SPCE061A microprocessors are used as...

Authors: Xue Mei Zhao, Guang Lei Sheng

Abstract: This paper describes that: PLC applications are subject to threat of various interference in a complex industrial environment, It seriously...

Authors: Du Jou Huang, Yu Ju Chen, Huang Chu Huang, Yu An Lin, Rey Chue Hwang

Abstract: The chromatic aberration estimations of touch panel (TP) film by using neural networks are presented in this paper. The neural networks with...


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