Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Sheng Chen, Zhen Cai Qu, Bao Lin Tang

Abstract: Based on the experiment, this paper used principal component analysis and multiple regression analysis to establish a fuzzy evaluation...

Authors: Fu Bao Li, Zhong Ke Li, Qin Li

Abstract: The purpose of this study is the use of linear array CCD laser sensors to measure the vertical displacement. In this paper, the laser...

Authors: Ying Bo Wang, Shu Tao Zheng, Qi Tao Huang, Hong Guang Xu, Jun Wei Han

Abstract: To test the motion characteristic of parts between two train cabinets, an integrated testing system based on the Stewart parallel...

Authors: Fang Hu, Lin Li, Zhi Hua Liu

Abstract: Researches on the method of the performance evaluation of government investment in public project are mainly embodied in indicator system....

Authors: Wei Kui Wang, Xin Hui Zhang, Shi Liang Yang, Yun Liu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the shortcomings of the present applications of the space information confrontation simulation technology in the light...

Authors: Pu Yu Yuan, Wu Liang Peng

Abstract: For the design and development of fully functional emergency management decision support systems for coal mining enterprises, the paper...

Authors: Yong Kui Man, Yu Yan Ma, Yu Shuang Zhao, Chang Cheng Xu, Wen Sheng Hao

Abstract: In this paper, the mechanical structure of a novel two-phase hybrid stepping motor, which offers big transmission ratio and fast response...

Authors: Jian Li Kang

Abstract: Wear debris recongition system is researched,which is based on adaptive resonance theory of artifical neural network(ART) and gray level...

Authors: Yan Jiang Zhao, Yong De Zhang, Fei Tu

Abstract: In clinic it is of very practical significance to optimize the entry point and pose in path planning. We proposed a reverse path planning...

Authors: Li Jie Cao, Bao Zhong Wang

Abstract: The overall effect of sealing the packaging has a very important role. Sealed plastic containers divided into four main ways, namely the...


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