Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Jun Cai, Bin Zhao

Abstract: Service composition is an emerging way to provide the value-added service. For most existing composition results are rather unstructured and...

Authors: Zhen Hua Zhang, Jing Yu Yang, You Pei Ye, Min Wang

Abstract: The notion of intuitionistic fuzzy sets with parameters (IFSP) is first introduced in this paper. Compared with conventional intuitionistic...

Authors: Li Juan Dai, Guo Ran Hua, Ai Ping Qian, Zhi Yu Qian

Abstract: The method to investigation the changes of optical properties and evaluating the effect of laser application in real time is presented in...

Authors: Ming Yan Hu, Wei Guo, Nan Zhao

Abstract: The IT performance evaluation is a complex analysis system. Some key factors that can reflect the essential characteristics and be easy to...

Authors: Zhi Hao Hui, Jin Wei Yang, Biao Zhao

Abstract: Let be a simple connected graph containing a perfect matching. For a positive integer , , is said to be bipartite matching extendable if...

Authors: Neng Wan, Yang Yang

Abstract: To achieve lightweight network collaborative modeling on the client, this paper designs the collaborative modeling architecture based on B/S...

Authors: Tie Geng, Qing Hai Ren

Abstract: Based on Visual C + + and OpenGL technology, an interactive realistic graphics visualization system is researched and developed, which has...

Authors: Guang Ming Li, Wen Hua Zeng, Jian Feng Zhao, Min Liu

Abstract: The implementation platforms of parallel genetic algorithms (PGAs) include high performance computer, cluster and Grid. Contrast with the...

Authors: Dong Yan Huang, Bing Han, Tian Li Hu, Zong Gang Wang, Tao Zhang

Abstract: An apparatus for in situ measuring the hysteresis of magnetic materials by using pulsed magnetic field is structured. The samples were...

Authors: Shou Yu Cheng, Xin Kai Liu, Min Jun Peng

Abstract: An Monitor& Diagnosis Support System for Nuclear Power Plants (NPPMDS) is developed in the embedded real-time operation system VxWorks...


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