Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Jiang Ma

Abstract: To improve efficiency and accuracy of semantic web service composition, a topic maps oriented semantic web service composition policy is...

Authors: Zhong Ping Guo, Jia Zhuo Li, Chang Hua Li, Hai Bin Ge

Abstract: To recover strip coal pillar and reduce cost after strip mining, the short wall box style mining method was presented. Strata stability was...

Authors: Jian Feng Zhao, Wen Hua Zeng, Guang Ming Li, Min Liu

Abstract: Cloud computing is a novel parallel platform, this paper proposed a kind of simple parallel genetic algorithm (PGA) using Cloud computing...

Authors: Shou Yu Cheng, Xin Kai Liu, Min Jun Peng

Abstract: The Human Machine Interface (HMI) of Monitor& Control System (MCS) is an important part of main control room in Nuclear Power Plants...

Authors: Zhao Yang Zhang, Zheng Tian, Wei Dong Yan

Abstract: This paper presents a spectral method to matching a pair of feature sets based on isometric projection of matrix. In the proposed method, a...

Authors: Shiuh Chuan Her, Chang Yu Tsai

Abstract: Optical fiber sensors with light weight, small size and immunity to electromagnetic interference have been found to be a promising device...

Authors: Ling Hua Guo, Mei Yun Zhang, Xin Hua Guo, Yu Lin Xie

Abstract: It is depended on the experience to identify the screen line and angle for the print products. In this paper, We designed the screen...

Authors: Hong Wei Gao, Chang Yi Luan, Hui Ying Yang

Abstract: According to the path point calculation, display and motion simulaiton problem for wheeled mobile robot(WMR), two kinds of path point...

Authors: Cheol Rim Choi, Young Jae Song

Abstract: An extensive work has been done, across a number of fields, in modeling organizational processes. A tension has existed between the attempts...

Authors: Gui Xi Jia, Chun Yan Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, two kinds of photovoltaic cell’s mathematical model are presented, and their curves of output characteristic are drawn. The...


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