Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jun Dong, Mao Cai Wang, Xiao Jun Kang

Abstract: Role-based access control (RBAC) has been adopted widely by reducing the complexity of the management of access control. The least privilege...

Authors: Li Ming Qin, Hai Tao Zhang

Abstract: Aimed at the inadequacy of the standard BP algorithm, a near optimal learning rate BP algorithm (NOLRBP) is presented. Selecting the...

Authors: Jin Qing Liu, Kun Chen

Abstract: Aimed at the disadvantage of over-segmentation that traditional watershed algorithm segmented MRI images, a new method of MRI image...

Authors: Yu Yan Liu, Yan Wang, Lin Chen, Ge Li, Jian Guo Wang

Abstract: The paper established U75V 100-meter rail 3-D transient non-liner finite element analysis model about U75V 100-meter rail by using the...

Authors: Han Min Liu, Guang Ming Dai, Xue Song Yan

Abstract: Traditional genetic algorithm trapped into the local minimum easily. Therefore, based on a simple genetic algorithm and combine the base...

Authors: Wei Zhao, Yi Min Zhang

Abstract: A new way, which is used to analysis the path contribution, is presented for the vibration transfer path systems considering the interact of...

Authors: Chen Chung Liu, Shyr Shen Yu, Chung Yen Tsai, Ta Shan Tsui

Abstract: The appearance of pectoral muscle in medio-lateral oblique (MLO) views of mammograms can increase the false positive in computer aided...

Authors: Bing Li, Jin Gou

Abstract: The flexure hinge is an important part of micro-displacement table in the precision instruments. To improve the performance of...

Authors: Li Xin Qi, Ze Tao

Abstract: A new dual-objective scheduling method based on the controlled Petri net and GA is proposed to the job-shop scheduling problem (JSP)...

Authors: Bai Zhan Xia, Huai Wen He

Abstract: The thesis introduces traffic patterns definition and identification. Combined with actual project it has established the regional traffic...


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