Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Toshio Haga, Kosuke Komeda, Kenta Mtsuoka, Shinji Kumai, Hisaki Watari

Abstract: Roll casting of the model alloy of recycled AA5182 aluminum alloy was investigated. Fe up to 0.6% was added to the AA5182 to make the model...

Authors: Ming Xiao Dong, Rui Chuan Li, Qin Zu Xu, Cui Lan Zhu

Abstract: The functions and structure of a virtual operation training system for tower cranes was described, and virtual scene modeling techniques of...

Authors: Ming Wei Leng, Xiao Yun Chen, Jian Jun Cheng, Long Jie Li

Abstract: In many data mining domains, labeled data is very expensive to generate, how to make the best use of labeled data to guide the process of...

Authors: Guang Chen, Li Hua Zhao, Qiong Li

Abstract: Open space is an important part of Campus, also has an important influence to the thermal environment of campus. The measurement of summer...

Authors: Luo Ping Zhang, Jing Fu, Bo Yuan Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the basic concept and specific steps of establishing skew bevel gears mathematical model using conjugate meshing principle...

Authors: Shi Wang, Cheng Hua Li, Wei Gao

Abstract: In order to understand the performance of vegetable seedling transplanting mechanism, the movement of vegetable seedlings passing through...

Authors: Bin Chen, Li Wen Wang

Abstract: The aircraft ground deicing process and practical deicing model of aircraft on ground were introduced, a mathematic model was developed...

Authors: Hui Juan Feng, Le Chen, Shi Wei Zhao

Abstract: The equipment combat unit is usually in the aggregated state when operate mission, and the mission maintainability is an important factor...

Authors: Yong Hai Li, Xiu Li Meng, Xiao Dong Yu, Bo Wu, Chun Li Gao, Zhi Xin Qiu, Yan Qin Zhang, Hui Jiang, Zhi Min Shi

Abstract: In order to solve the thermal deformation of the hydrostatic center frame in the heavy type horizontal lathe, a simulation research...

Authors: Yun Feng He, Gao Shun Song, Chang Ming Wang, Jun Sheng Jiao

Abstract: In practical sonar engineering, the random phase disturbance error will be existed in the output signals of every channels of hydrophone...


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