Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zong Min Chen, San Nan Yuan

Abstract: This paper presents a Field Programmable Gate Array based closed-loop motion control system for stepper motors. It consists of three...

Authors: Qi Zhang, Hai Bing Chen

Abstract: In order to cope with the pressure from competition of global marketization, it’s common for enterprises to carry out multiple projects at...

Authors: Xiu Zhen Feng, Gao Feng Wu

Abstract: Discovering service-on-demand for large numbers of functionality-similar web services is one of the key issues in service discovery study....

Authors: Wen Yu Chen, Wen Zhi Xie, Yan Li Zhao, Zhong Bo Hao

Abstract: Items detection and recognition have become one of hotspots in the field of computer vision research. Based on image features method has the...

Authors: Hao Hao, Xing Gen Wu, Hong Yu Li

Abstract: The author maintains that, with the quick development of domestic auto industry, the auto maintenance industry is progressing with high...

Authors: Shu Ren Zhang, Xue Guang Li, Jun Wang, Hui Wei Wang

Abstract: Three elements of Cutting dosages have a great effect on parts surface quality and working efficiency, the best organization of cutting...

Authors: Jie Shang, Ling Ling Wang

Abstract: Having 7.7*108 t/a of crops straw, 3.97*109 t/a of poultry and livestock manure, 1.48*108 t/a of municipal waste, China is in possession of...

Authors: De Fang Liu, Li Ying Li, Jie Tao, Bin Wang

Abstract: Part family and NX/Open programming techniques which are two kinds of parametric technology used in product modeling based on NX platform...

Authors: Yuan Cong, Xiao Rong Chen, Yi Ting Li

Abstract: SIFT feature matching algorithm is hot in the field of the currently feature matching research, its matching with the strong ability can...

Authors: Zhao Kui, Kui Zhao, Jiang Xin Yang

Abstract: This paper proposed the concept of quality survival and development index. The evaluation indicators system for quality survival and...


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