Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Fan, Meng Yao Zheng

Abstract: Logistics service quality, as the core of logistics management, how to define and evaluate it accurately and rationally is important for...

Authors: Hao Tzu Lin, Jong Rong Wang, Chun Kuan Shih

Abstract: One of the main R & D work in nuclear engineering is the development of computer programs related to nuclear power plant (NPP) safety...

Authors: Mo Nan Wang, Wen Wen Xu

Abstract: For meeting the requirements of formulating a reasonable surgical planning by using PC before the orthopedic surgery, and for solving the...

Authors: Sheng Chao Su, Xiao Lan Fan

Abstract: An on-line Least Square Support Vector Regression (LS-SVR) algorithm is given in this paper. Based on this algorithm the method of on-line...

Authors: Jin Ying Huang, Hong Xia Pan, Ya Hui Lu, Yue Li

Abstract: Immune theory is applied to independent component analysis in this paper. By elaborated on blind source separation procedure, the blind...

Authors: Ai Yu Zhang, Xiao Guang Zhao, Lei Zhang

Abstract: Due to the limited generality of traditional fault diagnosis expert system and its low accuracy of extracting failure symptoms, a general...

Authors: Jian Lin Qiu, Li Chen, Jian Ping Chen, Xiang Gu, Yan Yun Chen

Abstract: This paper analyses the Min-min algorithm and its improved algorithms through the performances of load balance, time span, quality of...

Authors: Feng Yuan Zhang, Li Li Wen, Xiao Lu Jia, Zhao Li, Meng Li Chen, Cheng Chen

Abstract: LZW (Lempel Ziv Welch) algorithm is a dictionary compression algorithm with excellent performance. The algorithm, which has important...

Authors: Li Ren, Wen Xiao Zhang

Abstract: Matching performance of ship engine and propeller has a significant impact on marine propulsion efficiency. In this paper, a hybrid approach...


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