e-Engineering & Digital Enterprise Technology VII

Volumes 16-19

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.16-19

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Authors: Ping Liu, San Yang Liu

Abstract: The unconstrained optimization model applying to radial deviation measurement is established for assessing coaxality errors by the...

Authors: Wei Liu, Xiao Guang Wang, Ming Zhe Li

Abstract: Multi-point forming (MPF) is a flexible manufacturing technique, which is made up of a set of adjustable base elements controlled by...

Authors: Jun Lu, Yu Mei Huang, Yang Liu, Wen Wen Li, Hua Zhong

Abstract: In this article, a new concept named ‘Closed-loop Manufacturing System’ (CLMS) is introduced. The Workpiece Machining Precision PID Control...

Authors: Qiang Jiang, Hong Yi Liu, Nai Shi Cheng, Jian Jun Hao

Abstract: Based on development project of electro-mechanical control type continuously variable transmission, this paper has done the following works:...

Authors: Zhi Yan Ma, Huai Guang Liu, You Ping Chen

Abstract: Controlled five-bar is an important area of contemporary mechanism. On account of the current gap in design software about five-bar, a...

Authors: Li Gang Qu, Da Wei Wu, Jun Mei Ding

Abstract: The concept and content of project management in the networked collaborative design system is presented according to the mechanical product...

Authors: Guo Zhe Yang, Hai Bo Lin

Abstract: In the paper, a micro-EDM prototype was designed, and a preliminary machining experiment was done. The micro-EDM prototype was makeup by...

Authors: De Zhi Sun, Xiao Ying Chen, Wei Li Liu

Abstract: The V-cone flow meter is widely used to measure gas, liquid and high temperature steam in current industrial production. By applying the...

Authors: Deng Yue Sun, Zhi He Wei, Hui Feng Zhou, Shi Min Xu

Abstract: The backup roll of the strip rolling mill is a key component of the steel rolling production line, so the research to reduce the consumption...

Authors: Shi Xia Sun, Zhi Li Sun, Ming Yan, Xiao Dong Li, Ping Bai

Abstract: According to the standard GB/T13799-92 of People’s Republic of China, the reliability design for the double circular-arc cylindrical gear...


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