e-Engineering & Digital Enterprise Technology VII

Volumes 16-19

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.16-19

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Authors: Hong Xu, Yi Zhang, Bin Rui Wang, Xiai Chen, Jun Lv

Abstract: The remote monitoring system of the robot is mainly designed. Data and image are transmitted based on wireless local-area network (WLAN) and...

Authors: Jing Feng Shao, Qian Li, Jia Li, Lan Shuang Qin

Abstract: Aiming at the presently slow informationization development phenomenon in the drawing and coving workshop of textile enterprise, we analyze...

Authors: Hai Juan Ding, Li Bin Guo, Zhi Hang Zhang, Hai Cui

Abstract: The surface micro-topography of micro-WEDM is random, disordered and multi-scale and has been proved that it is fractal with the...

Authors: Xiang Wei Kong, Jing Zhang, Meng Hua Niu

Abstract: This paper investigated the feature of pre-shaving hob contour and the generated gear tooth profile. By tooth generation method, a complete...

Authors: Yong Ye, Yuan Li, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: Granite is a kind of typical discrete material, which experiences from continuous deformation stage, discontinuous deformation stage to...

Authors: Shi Hao Liu, Wen Hua Ye, Wei Fang Chen, Ting Zhang

Abstract: Processing precision of numerical control machine tool is decided by static rigidity and dynamic rigidity of spindle to a great extent. 3- D...

Authors: Ji Man Luo, Li Na Cong, Tian Fang

Abstract: Kinematics simulation and characteristics of a new type of parallel robot manipulator (PRM) with two-dimension movement and one-dimension...

Authors: Shu Fan Wang, Su Li Feng, Jun De Si

Abstract: The lateral stiffness of a car is 1/12 of frontal stiffness for a typical side crash, and the deformable space is smaller than frontal zone...

Authors: Tian Zhong Sui, Lei Wang, Wen Bo Zhang, Di Sun

Abstract: The curve NC grinding methods in presnet are analyzed. On the basis of this, a new curve NC grinding method―region contact grinding (RCG)...

Authors: Wei Zhou, Ying Ji Liu, Qing Fu Cao, Tian Xia Zhang

Abstract: In order to enhance the accuracy of engine fault diagnosis, information fusion technology was applied and a novel combination method is...


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