e-Engineering & Digital Enterprise Technology VII

Volumes 16-19

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.16-19

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Authors: Xian Liang Zong, Ping Wang, Hui Zheng

Abstract: CBR (Case-based reasoning) technique is increasingly applied in the process planning and dies intelligent design for stamping parts. In...

Authors: Li He, Yong Xian Liu, Hua Long Xie, Yu Zhang

Abstract: The characteristic of Instant Customerization (IC) and its job-shop scheduling problem is described. The customer requirements were divided...

Authors: Xiang Zhi Meng, Shu Jun Li, Ming Li

Abstract: A 3-TPS(RRR) hybrid machine tool that could process vertically as well as horizontally was designed in Northeastern University. A parallel...

Authors: Li Yue, Xian Yong Liu, Mao Yan, Kang Rong Duan

Abstract: Auto shock absorbers, with helical surfaces together with multiple punching procedures needed in manufacturing processes, make the...

Authors: Yuan Li, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: An experimental setup was established to measure and study the vertical and horizontal force components acted on the saw-blade during the...

Authors: Xing Yu Jiang, Shi Jie Wang, Yan Mei Ren, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: To cope with the challenges of monitoring dynamic and variable quality variation into supply chain, diagnosing the abnormal variation at the...

Authors: Ming Hu, Wen Yuan Tian, Jia Shun Shi

Abstract: A 3-DOF in-parallel machine tools based on a tripod mechanism is developed and studied, the kinematic is analytically performed, the...

Authors: Qi Wang, Lei Wang, Yong Xian Liu

Abstract: In the course of network supported collaborative design, the data processing plays a very vital role. Much effort has been conducted in this...

Authors: Ying Chun Wang, Yong Xian Liu, Xing Yu Jiang

Abstract: In the modern production and management of the supply chain, the supplier management(SM) becomes one important researching field. The paper...

Authors: Di Zhao, Ke Qin Ding, Xin Chun Shang

Abstract: The paper implements numeric computation to analyze free vibration characteristics of rotating blade by the means of finite element method....


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