Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Yan Jie Li, Lin Hua Piao

Abstract: The mechanism of effect of the acceleration on acceleration sensor is preliminary elucidated. Using the three-dimensional finite element...

Authors: Fan Yang, Jing Li, Zhi Wei Zhang, Guo Feng Pan

Abstract: The motion estimation algorithm based on the Region of Interest has been proposed for the contradictions between accuracy and computational...

Authors: Ye Yuan

Abstract: The embedding parameters of electroencephalogram (EEG) time series, i.e., the embedding dimension and delay time, are used together as the...

Authors: Xiao Feng Zhang, Yu Liu, Bin Wan

Abstract: Constrained with structures of the meter panels, the automatic measurements are required to take different ways. In this paper, a new...

Authors: Chen Xi Gou, Bai Gen Cai, Tao Tang, Shang Guan Wei

Abstract: Reliability of CTCS-3 train operation and control system is necessary to ensure train running safely and efficiently. Thus, train control...

Authors: Lin Liu, Qing Guo Wei

Abstract: In a noninvasive brain-computer interface (BCI), EEG feature extraction is a key part for improving classification accuracy and resulting...

Authors: Wei Sun, Yu Jun He, Ming Meng

Abstract: The paper presents a novel quantum neural network (QNN) model with variable selection for short term load forecasting. In the proposed QNN...

Authors: Xiao Qiong Zhen, Zhen Dong Yao

Abstract: An unavoidable disadvantage of most traditional sampling methods is the large amount of samples data preservation during sampling process....

Authors: Ying Mei, Liang Sheng Zhu, Jia Wei Ye

Abstract: The paper discusses the irregular parts packing problem based on an improved immune genetic algorithm, and a NIGA based on crowing mechanism...

Authors: Qiang Liu, Ning Wang, Yi Hui Liu, Shao Qing Wang, Jin Yong Cheng, Dong Yue Yu, Jie Chen

Abstract: 31P MRS(31Phosphorus Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) is a non invasive protocol for analyzing the energetic metabolism and biomedical...


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