Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Hong Men, Zong Nian Ge, Hai Yan Liu, Rui Xia Wen, Zhi Ming Xu

Abstract: An electronic tongue which composed of selective electrodes is applied to mineral water recognition (optimization of sensor array). The task...

Authors: Tian Yuan, Shang Guan Wei, Zhi Zhong Lu

Abstract: Multi-channel Virtual reality simulation technology is a kind of simulation technology, which support the grand scene and high degree of...

Authors: Xuan Wu Zhou

Abstract: Public verifiability in signcryption achieves public verification of signature by a trustable third party; it ensures the reliability and...

Authors: Jing Yang, Xiao Fei Sun

Abstract: As community informationization is the extension of e-government, to perform informationization construction in city community construction...

Authors: Jing Yang, Xiao Fei Sun

Abstract: Community informationization has become one of the most active and attracting fields in city informationization. It attracts large amounts...

Authors: Bao Jiang Zhong, Chang Li

Abstract: In this paper we propose an image corner detector based on the direct curvature scale space (DCSS) technique, referred to as the curvature...

Authors: Hong Jun Guan

Abstract: As an important role of supply chain, management impact deeply on the efficiency of the supply chain. This article first introduced the...

Authors: Yu Bin Zhao

Abstract: Paper introduces a kind of design method of electronic component searching system. System acts ASP language as development way of dynamic...

Authors: Jian Guang Sun, Jin Yong Gao, Wei Min Li, Run Hua Tan

Abstract: The designed and experimental process of the teaching and playback(T&P) control system for R-CUBE is narrated. The control system was...

Authors: Dong Yun Wang

Abstract: Data mining application used by an enterprise is a powerful tool to help and guide your decision making to keep your products and services...


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