Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Li Li, Ye Yuan

Abstract: Most of IDS(Intrusion Detection System) are very particular about data source which might be asked to be categorical data or need to be...

Authors: Gang Yong Lin, Sheng Hui Dai, Shan Long Ma

Abstract: The increasing use of wireless communications in mobile devices starts a new level of resource management. Users with mobile devices...

Authors: Wen Ya Tian, Zhu Jun Xu

Abstract: Many methods have been used such as UDDI and DWS to discovery requested web services. But they are just a kind of simple syntax match based...

Authors: Cheng Fa Xu, Jun Ling Wang, Rong Gang Wu

Abstract: In order to meet multi-channel, high data rate, intensive computing capacity of modern radar signal processing, a standard, scalable,...

Authors: Sheng Hui Dai, Gang Yong Lin, Hong Zhen Xu, Liang Qing Zhang

Abstract: On the basis of the shortage on traditional workflow management system, a workflow management system framework integrated with Web Services...

Authors: Ting Mei Wang, Ge Chen, Hui Guan

Abstract: This paper presents an efficient algorithm filling Images with complicated closed edges through analyzing and comparing several frequent...

Authors: Rong Cheng

Abstract: A transformation technology for part model to blank model based on feature mapping of turbine blade was prompted to improve the design...

Authors: Bao Liang Hu

Abstract: According to the ways of information systems(IS) to support business strategy, this paper proposes three dimensions of IS strategy fitting...

Authors: Jun Chu, Man Tun Gao, Gui Mei Zhang, Rui Na Feng

Abstract: Based on iterative technique, a novel optimization approach for reconstruction a planar object from a perspective line drawing is proposed....

Authors: Cheng Dong Lu, Qin Wei Li

Abstract: This paper introduced security threaten and familiar vulnerability in Ad Hoc networks, described security requirements for Ad Hoc routing,...


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