Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

Volumes 20-23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shun Yan Wang, You An Ke, Yan Wen Wang

Abstract: Active service is a kind of Web service which can be customized by customer’s requirement. The development of component technology provides...

Authors: Cheng Hua Shi, Zi Lai Sun, Kun Jing Dong

Abstract: Food is the most basic material conditions of survival and development of human society, its security situation is relation to the health...

Authors: Qing Jiang Chen, Lang Zhao

Abstract: In this work, the notion of an 3-band generalized multiresolution structure (GMS) of sub- -space L2 (R) is proposed. The characteristics of...

Authors: Xin Xian Tian, Ai Lian Huo

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a class of vector-valued wavelet packets of space , which are generalizations of multivariate wavelet packets....

Authors: Fu Qing Zhao, Jian Hua Zou, Shang Xiong Sheng

Abstract: Manufacturing system is a typical complex system, while task assignment problem is an important topic in manufacturing system. It is one of...

Authors: Li Zhang, Jie Wu Zhang, Wei Jun Ma

Abstract: The rapid changes of market and outer surroundings have caused a dynamic and highly volatile business environment for the enterprise....

Authors: Zhi Jun Ren

Abstract: Rules play a central role in a wide variety of applications. In addition to the declarative specification of business rules, the simple rule...

Authors: Wei Qiu

Abstract: This document applied the intelligent agent technology into web-based education platform, which make web-based education more humanized, get...

Authors: Wen Long

Abstract: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) links plan management and workshop control in an enterprise, which is an integrative management and...

Authors: Chuan Sheng Wang, Quan Long Guan

Abstract: As more and more resources are integrated in enterprises, or between enterprises or industries, the information integration must encounter...


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