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Authors: Jie Min Zhao
Abstract:A global stability analysis for multimedia systems is given by means of the method of Liapunov functional.
Authors: Bo Liu
Abstract:Currently there is such an increasing interest in discovering important patterns from graph data. A significant number of applications...
Authors: Xue Dong Tian, Xiao Liang
Abstract:Accurately locating mathematical formulas in scientific documents is the basis of their recognition. The existing formula extraction methods...
Authors: Jie Min Zhao
Abstract:A stability result of multimedia Systems is given by means of the analysis and computing method.
Authors: Jin Hai Wu, Tao Cen
Abstract:The accuracy of SVM in fermentation process is mainly impacted by two factors input variable selection and parameter setting in SVM training...
Authors: Xian Yi Cheng, Qian Zhu, Zhen Wen Zhang
Abstract:To improve the poor efficiency in path planning that caused by not taking RoboCup’s stamina, character, dynamic starting point, dynamic...
Authors: Xian Zhang Feng, Qun Li
Abstract:In order to research the effect of metal flow between web and flange, the concept of extension coefficient used to judge the deformation...
Authors: Wen Yu Zhang
Abstract:The virtual manufacturing technology is one of advanced techniques of manufacture which appears in recent years, is the enterprise taking the...
Authors: Wen Yu Zhang
Abstract:Because but the artificial neural networks has the strong non-linear problem handling ability also the fault tolerance strong obtains the...
Authors: Yong Ding, Li Zhuo Zhang, Jian Hu
Abstract:As a new breed of enterprise services that have spawned from the Internet to also include metropolitan 3G, WiFi, and WiMAX networks today,...
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