Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Hui Li, Zhong Xiao Hao, Quan Wang

Abstract: The importance of case-retrieving method selection in the CBR system is analyzed, and the defaults of traditional retrieving methods which...

Authors: Xi Biao Cai, Fang Lin Niu, Yu Dong Cao

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a cross-layer protocol that is based on a form of cooperative transmission called Virtual Multi-Input...

Authors: Zhi Ping Hu, Yuan Jun He

Abstract: This paper introduces a robust method for automatically matching features in images corresponding to the same physical point on an object...

Authors: Ya Li Li, Bin Hu, Sheng Jin Wang, Xiao Qing Ding

Abstract: Assistant driving systems have attracted more and more attention during recent years. Among them fatigue detection plays a key role because...

Authors: Jian Hong Xie

Abstract: Structural damage detection and health monitoring is very important in many applications, and a key related issue is the method of damage...

Authors: Ning Zhang

Abstract: With the rapid development of computer network, multimedia technology for e-education is widely applied in everywhere. With increasing...

Authors: Ru Hui Ma, Yuan Liu

Abstract: Neural network (NN) employed to settle network anomaly has become prevalent. However, traditional training algorithm for NN is not optimum,...

Authors: Hong Bin Yang, Xiao Hong Wang, Zong De Fang

Abstract: To develop a good quality of hypoid gear drive, the authors test the vibration and noise of two kinds of hypoid gear drives under different...

Authors: Jie Hui Zou, Qun Gui Du

Abstract: Modularization is an important design method cope with complicated and diversified products.Firstly, idea of quantitative calculation about...

Authors: Wei Hua Kuang, Biao Biao Chen

Abstract: Much progress has achieved in forging technology, and it has become a popular process for preparation of intricate parts. As a case, a...


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