Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Yong Jian Mao, Xiao Hong Yue, Hai Ying Huang, Bao Liang Niu, Han Jun Huang

Abstract: In space engineering, pyroshock (or pyrotechnical shock) environments induced by pyrotechnical devices are severe for space hardware,...

Authors: Xian Zhang Feng

Abstract: In order to research the forming mechanism lateral bending during side pressing for continuous casting slab, the simulation model was...

Authors: Jongan Park, Jong Hun Chun, Young Eun An, Sung Kwan Kang, Jang Weon Seo

Abstract: In this paper, we have presented our circular polarization antenna for the RFID system, which was presented by us. The focus of this...

Authors: Chun Ting Yang, Yang Liu, Jing Yu

Abstract: Perception video sequences quality metrics are of great potential benefit to the video industry, as they promise the means to evaluate the...

Authors: Yang Liu, Chun Ting Yang, Jing Yu

Abstract: Body shape analysis module is an important part in the e- Measure to Made. In this article, we discuss the body shape analysis approach...

Authors: Wei Fang Liang, Jian Hua Huang, Dan Zhang

Abstract: An efficient approach to solve scalability problem of current inter-domain routing system is to separate the edge network from the core...

Authors: Guo Hua Hui

Abstract: Nano ZnO is an important kind of semiconductor materials, and it has been widely used in various single detection fields. In this paper, we...

Authors: Zhi Jun Ren

Abstract: Successful business intelligence application used by an enterprise often produces a very high return on investment. This paper introduces...

Authors: Guang Xing Tang, Tong Yang, Feng Zeng, Shan Yao

Abstract: Together with Finite Difference Method, The sequential function method set up a mathematical model for inverse heat transfer problem,...

Authors: Geng Sheng Zheng, Feng Deng, Wei Dong Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces a WSNs architecture design applied in remote monitoring of power towers. First, the system general design is...


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