Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Jian Xiang Wei, Yue Hong Sun

Abstract: The particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is a new population search strategy, which has exhibited good performance through well-known...

Authors: Xiu Ting Wei, Qiang Du, Jing Cheng Liu

Abstract: The hydraulic model of the impeller and points of its vane surface given in the cylindrical coordinates, we can not directly use those data...

Authors: De Jia Shi, Zhi Qiang Liu, Jing He

Abstract: Mulit-agent system[MAS] research on learning has been in the area of negotiation, and learning strategies of other agents.This paper...

Authors: Yue Hong Sun, Zhao Ling Tao, Jian Xiang Wei, De Shen Xia

Abstract: For fitting of ordered plane data by B-spline curve with the least squares, the genetic algorithm is generally used, accompanying the...

Authors: Shao Bo Li, Yao Hu, Qing Sheng Xie

Abstract: For problem of heterogeneous system integration, Service-oriented component of integration model is proposed and the integration framework...

Authors: Chun Hua Dong, Jian Ping Hu, Li Wang

Abstract: This document puts forward a new method for solving the modeling of overground and underground entities and spatial analysis provided by the...

Authors: Xu Chen, Ya Ping Zhang

Abstract: Due to different atmospheric conditions, seasonal changes in vegetation characteristics and other reasons, the remote sensing images...

Authors: Chao Wang, Zhong Xiao Hao, Quan Wang

Abstract: The importance of information security in e-commerce is expatiated. In response to these problems, a digital signature approach based on the...

Authors: Shao Bo Li, Jian Hui Mou

Abstract: Technology Evolutionary Process have own rule and model,it can be forcasted. How to predict the future technological development and quickly...

Authors: Qing Hai Li, Guo Zhong Cao, Hai Xia Guo, Run Hua Tan

Abstract: Function design is an important method for high-level innovation, and it is important for corporations to forecast product evolution rapidly...


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