Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

Volumes 20-23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Jiang, Jin Jin Zhai, Xiu Ping Zhao, Run Hua Tan

Abstract: The integrated innovation satisfies new market or customer needs by combination of different technologies. The integration requires that...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Zhang, Shi Song Yang, Peng Dong

Abstract: Artificial neural network(ANN) and genetic algorithm (GA) have both prevalent uses in large area. Along with the development of technology...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Zhang, Shi Song Yang, Qing Cai, Peng Sun

Abstract: Traffic flow forecasting has become an emphasis question for discussion in traffic engineering domain and one kernel study in Intelligent...

Authors: Xing Wang, Qiang Zhang, Xiao Peng Wei

Abstract: AES is one of the most widely used cryptographic systems. DNA computing has the high efficiency to solve some NP-problems. Therefore many...

Authors: Shi Hua Zhou, Qiang Zhang, Xiao Peng Wei

Abstract: Image encryption is one of the most important methods of image information hiding. A new image encryption method based on some techniques...

Authors: Chang Jun Zhou, Xiao Peng Wei, Qiang Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for facial recognition based on features fusion in support vector machine (SVM). First, some...

Authors: Guang Ping Yu, Shan Hui Wang, Ying Gang Zhou

Abstract: Capacitive grating sensor can be used to measure the length, as its capacitance changes with the shift difference. There are several...

Authors: Hong You, Zhong Xiao Hao, Quan Wang

Abstract: The importance of case-retrieving method selection in the CBR system is analyzed, and the defaults of traditional retrieving methods which...

Authors: Hong You, Zhong Xiao Hao, Quan Wang

Abstract: The entropies of structure, information and the effectiveness entropy between knowledge and organization structure are main entropy sources...

Authors: Zhong Wang, Ming Rui Chen, Xing Fu

Abstract: Base on the characteristic of the system, a model of FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) is carried on in this paper by combining with the...


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