Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Ji Ke Ge, Zu Qin Chen

Abstract: Volumes of petroleum resources data are archived in different companies. Complex geospatial heterogeneous data structures complicate the...

Authors: You Fa Sun, Xiao Xiao Liang, Xu Chong Guo, Cai Yan Liu

Abstract: Algorithm of call auction price is designed according to the determining principles popular in international stock markets. Basing on the...

Authors: Zu Qin Chen, Ji Ke Ge

Abstract: This paper proposes a QoS prediction approach used to recommend web service to solve the problem of choosing high quality web service. This...

Authors: Qing Wu, Shi Ying, You Cong Ni, Hua Cui

Abstract: Service-oriented software systems are inherently complex and have to cope with an increasing number of exceptional conditions in order to...

Authors: Wei Hua Wang, Wei Qing Wang

Abstract: Feature extraction is a central processing in the automatic target recognition system, and noise filter is an important step in the feature...

Authors: Jie Min Zhao

Abstract: A result of global stability for multimedia systems is given by means of the Liapunov functional method.

Authors: Gan Nan Yuan, Zhi Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a method is presented for designing the distributed vehicle monitoring system based on WebGIS, and also several important...

Authors: Cai Yan Liu, You Fa Sun

Abstract: Quality design means designing quality specifications and processing specifications of products with low cost and high efficiency. This...

Authors: Ting Chen, Shang Zhen Zhao, Li Li Wu

Abstract: The artificial neural network, statistical and grey models are established for predicting the filtration properties of melt blown nonwoven...

Authors: Xiao Lin Lu

Abstract: In surface modeling, it is important to reconstruct the smooth connecting surface for the polyhedron vertex and edge rendering. The general...


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