Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Hong Wang, Ge Ning Xu, You Shan Gao, Ping Yang

Abstract: Six distribution model tested by D、A2、W2 statistics of 249 bridge crane load spectrum sample in a week. The results show that distribution...

Authors: Xuan Wu Zhou

Abstract: In the paper, we analyzed optimization algorithms for proxy signature and presented an optimized proxy signature scheme based on discrete...

Authors: Ge Ning Xu, Xiao Ning Fan, Feng Yi Lu, Rui Gang Yang

Abstract: For the realization of remaining fatigue life estimation, prevention of catastrophic accidents and safety of the cranes in service, it is...

Authors: Xuan Wu Zhou

Abstract: In the paper, we analyzed the system optimization algorithms in e-cash (electronic cash) by improving the efficiency of e-cash for software...

Authors: Xuan Wu Zhou

Abstract: System optimization for key management is an essential method to facilitate the wide application of key management in cryptography...

Authors: Xuan Wu Zhou

Abstract: As a typical fast public key cryptosystem, HCC (Hyper-elliptic Curves Cryptosystem) provides efficient asymmetric algorithms for...

Authors: Ke Rui Chen, Wan Li Zuo, Fan Zhang, Feng Lin He

Abstract: With the rapid increasing of web data, deep web is the fastest growing web data carrier. Therefore, the research of deep web, especially on...

Authors: Yu Long Tian, Ran Li, Jian Jiang Lu, Ya Fei Zhang, Zi Ning Lu

Abstract: In this paper, we design and construct a multi-label image annotation and retrieval system. Various MPEG-7 low level visual features are...

Authors: Ping Wang, Na Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, it analyses Chan and Taylor location algorithms. And a cooperative location method based on Chan and Taylor algorithms is...

Authors: Yan Jie Li, Lin Hua Piao

Abstract: The sensitive mechanism of the airflow tilt sensor was analyzed by finite element method. The streamfield caused by heat source, when the...


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