Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

Volumes 20-23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Feng Hao, Rui Chu Cai, Tang Wu, Yi Yuan Zhou

Abstract: Association rules provide a concise statement of potentially useful information, and have been widely used in real applications. However,...

Authors: Jia Ping Gui, Yi Zhou, Xin Da Lin, Kai Chen, Hai Bing Guan

Abstract: The traditional OCR obtains unsatisfactory results in the field of image recognition when images are processed in a complex background with...

Authors: Bao Jiang Zhong

Abstract: Estimation of curvature on digital curves plays a critical role for various applications in the field of image processing and computer...

Authors: Jun Zhang

Abstract: In connection with the situation that it is difficult to measure high-pressure flow in hydraulic system. A new type liquid flowmeter was...

Authors: Jin Ling Xu, Jie Ma, Xiao Li Xu, Shao Hong Wang

Abstract: Gas turbine machine,Multi-level recursive,Prediction,Experimental study Abstract. Take the huge gas turbine set of Beijing Yanshan...

Authors: Jian Hao Ding, Yi Gang Wang, Kui Chen

Abstract: Traditional simulation systems were capable of providing statistical evaluation of targeted factory design feasibility. But designers cannot...

Authors: Hong Wei Ding, Dong Feng Zhao, Yi Fan Zhao

Abstract: In this paper we consider the polling system with multiple vacations an bulk arrival using M-gated services in continuous time. By the...

Authors: Chen Guang Li, Feng Dai

Abstract: The individual decision-making is unstable and risky, comparing with group decision-making. The latter can reduce the risks arising from the...

Authors: Bo Li, Zhi Yuan Zeng, Hua Li Dong, Xiao Ming Zeng

Abstract: This paper proposed an algorithm for license plate recognition system(LPRS). The vertical edge was first detected by sobel color edge...

Authors: Fu Zhen Zhu, Jin Zong Li, Bing Zhu, Dong Dong Li, Dong Dong Ma

Abstract: To overcome inherent resolution limitation of imaging system and provide a high resolution satellite image economically and practically, the...


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