Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Da Qiang Chen

Abstract: This paper discussed production order picking schedule problem in AGV-based FMS. A general formulation of production order picking schedule...

Authors: Ju Bao Qu, Sheng Liu, Hong Tao Liang

Abstract: The use of grid manufacturing system, has become the trend of modern manufacturing technology. With reference to the idea of component...

Authors: Li Ming Zheng, Shen Hua Yang, Wen Ming Jin

Abstract: The fracture splitting (FS) method is a bran-new processing technique in the automobile engine connecting rod manufacturing industry, FS is...

Authors: Jing Yang

Abstract: With the transformation of the understandings from technology-oriented information management mode to competition-oriented information...

Authors: Kui Wu, Jun Luo

Abstract: The Model Driver Framework was designed to facilitate analyses of complex systems. It completely divorces the model execution process from...

Authors: Hong Ling Hou, Yong Qiang Zhao, Guo Hai Zhang, Bao Ming Wang

Abstract: It is introduced the new linkage-cam combination mechanism that has been designed and analyzed performance in the paper. Based on it and...

Authors: Jian Xiong Long

Abstract: The method of enterprise information integration of electrical power base on the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is introduced. Through...

Authors: Li Qing Hu, Man Shan Lin

Abstract: Clustering analysis is an important research area of Data Mining; it is a mathematical method to classification in terms of certain demand...

Authors: Ming Long Qi, Luo Zhong, Qing Ping Guo

Abstract: In this paper, we present a representative theory for finite fields called the Lagrange Representation recently initialized by Bajard et al....

Authors: You Jian Gao, Guang Li Liu, Di Li

Abstract: The question to choose a grain supplement emergency path is uncertain. By using uncertain methods, integration of experts can be done. Base...


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