Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Jiang Tao Wang, Yue Qiu

Abstract: The proper performance evaluation relies on the construction of the scientific, reasonable, and feasible indices system. The balanced score...

Authors: Man Xiang Miao

Abstract: Electric power quantity monitor is a premise to provide high-quality electric power, therefore, on the electric power market; it has...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhan, Dan Wang

Abstract: For an IT service provider, the change management, especially change scheduling plays a pivotal role in the maximization of business...

Authors: Jian Guo Wang, Tie Jun Zhang

Abstract: Diagonal maximum scatter difference (DiaMSD) method for face recognition is proposed in this paper. This novel algorithm is developed based...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Niu, Bao Qiang Wang, Xiao Qiong Zhen

Abstract: In this paper, the design ideas including the software and the hardware such as key electric circuits of the automatic weather station based...

Authors: Yu Chai, Yan Chun Li

Abstract: A robot performance testing platform is designed and implemented to aid the production and study of the competition robot. The underlying...

Authors: Hua Wang Shi

Abstract: By use of the properties of ant colony algorithm and particle swarm optimization, this paper presents an application of an Ant Colony...

Authors: Zhi Wei Huang, Jian Zhong Zhou, Li Xiang Song, Yong Chuan Zhang

Abstract: According to the complex and uncertain relationships between indexes and grades of flood hazard evaluation, as well as the deficiency of...

Authors: Wen Long Feng, Wen Cai Du

Abstract: Management of grid resource information is a challenging and important area considering the potential size of the grid and wide range of...

Authors: Bin Shi, Lie Xiang Yan, Hui Xie

Abstract: This paper presents a new parallel line-up competition algorithm (PLCA) for solving continuous optimization problems. A coarse-grained...


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