Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Jiang Yu

Abstract: With the professional development of logistics enterprises and information technologies widely used in logistics business, developing a...

Authors: Ai Li Han

Abstract: The time complexity of B algorithm, one of the intelligent search algorithms, is discussed. By anatomizing some instances, it is pointed...

Authors: Jun Hua Gu, Jie Song, Na Zhang, Yan Liu Liu

Abstract: With the increasingly high-speed of the internet as well as the increase in the amount of data it contains, users are finding it more and...

Authors: Bang Qing Li, Yu Lan Ma

Abstract: By introducing (G′/G)-expansion method and symbolic computation software MAPLE, two types of new exact solutions are constructed for coupled...

Authors: Hua Wang Shi, Yong Deng

Abstract: Quantitative security risk evaluation of information systems is increasingly drawing more and more attention. The purpose of this paper is...

Authors: Ge Ning Xu, Fan Jiang

Abstract: By combined fuzzy comprehensive evaluation with AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) together, a safety assessment model for overhead traveling...

Authors: Xu Min Liu, Wei Xiang Xu, Jing Xu, Yong Guan

Abstract: The research is mainly made on the G1/C1 matching condition of spline curves. On the basis of the analysis on the basic function of T-B...

Authors: Zhi Kai Huang, Sheng Qian Wang, Ling Ying Hou

Abstract: This paper develops a new method for cluster segmentation of color texture image. At first, a color texture image has been decomposed three...

Authors: Chuan Wei Zhang

Abstract: This paper discusses different drive control methods of electric vehicle (EV), presents the design of H∞ robust controller for driving...

Authors: Bo Yang, Shun Lin Song

Abstract: By analyzing the existing Web service composition,a automatic composition method of Web Service based on Petri net was been proposed. This...


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