Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

Volumes 20-23

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Authors: Chong Chen, Ya Bo Luo

Abstract: Job-shop is the problem of allocating the tasks to machine tools with a time table satisfying a set of objectives. Currently researches on...

Authors: Nan Ping Zhang, Ji Suo Jiang

Abstract: In order to reach a consensus on the concept of unified communication and promote the development of unified communication, many...

Authors: Zhi Gang Zeng, Guo Hua Chen

Abstract: A wave motion compensating platform has the function of compensating the ship’s generalized heave motion (a coupling result of roll, pitch...

Authors: Jun Hua Gu, En Hai Liu, Yan Liu Liu, Na Zhang

Abstract: The traditional Dynamic Route Guidance System (DRGS) provides only the optimal path to the travelers, which may easily lead to aggregative...

Authors: Yu Xin Mao, Wen Ya Tian

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks are going to play a more and more important role in applications of next generation manufacturing systems. In this...

Authors: Yu Hai Peng, Hai Qing Bai, Ning He

Abstract: The CNC technology, which directly decides the function and performance of the manufacturing equipments, is the key technique group that...

Authors: Song Sen Yu, Yun Peng, Gang Liu

Abstract: The EPC of tags has uniqueness, different tags can be distinguished by its binary-tree structure. In the reader's processing area, there are...

Authors: Qiang Zheng, Shou Shan Luo, Yang Xin

Abstract: Considering constant-round protocols for generating random shared values, for secure multiplication and for addition of shared values, etc...

Authors: Xiao Rong Xu, Bao Yu Zheng, Jian Wu Zhang

Abstract: Multi-hop cooperative MIMO network that consists of multiple nodes each equipped with single antenna is introduced and investigated. Optimal...

Authors: Ming Long Qi, Luo Zhong, Qing Ping Guo

Abstract: We present, illustrate and analyze some basic notions of the Lagrange Representation (LR) over finite fields, and elementary theory of...


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