Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Hong Men, Jian Ping Sun, Jing Zhang, Yu Ming Guo, Zhi Ming Xu

Abstract: In this paper, we used three working electrodes of platinum, gold, glassy carbon which constituted the microbial electronic tongue to...

Authors: Feng Qi, Yan Ding

Abstract: In order to keep pace of product development and delivery, it is essential to implement an effective and reusable automation test framework....

Authors: Lei Sun, Qin Yuan Dai, Chuang Chuan Lee, Gao Shuai Qiao

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis on the parasitic capacitors effect of the fully differential architecture to provide common-mode rejection....

Authors: Ke Qiang Dong, Peng Jian Shang, Hong Zhang

Abstract: We propose a new method called the multi-dependent Hurst exponent to investigate the correlation properties of the nonstationary time...

Authors: Xue Li An, Dong Xiang Jiang, Ming Hao Zhao, Chao Liu

Abstract: A model for the coupled lateral and torsional vibrations of a vertical unbalanced rotor is developed. The equation of motion is obtained...

Authors: Xue Li An, Dong Xiang Jiang, Chao Liu, Ming Hao Zhao

Abstract: A model of a rub-impact rotor system under axial thrust is established based on the classic impact theory and analyzed by the Lagrangian...

Authors: Yu Zhuo Ren, Ke Wen Xia, Yan Wang, Jun Shi

Abstract: The network traffic is one of the important metrics for describing network behaviors, it plays an important role in network design, network...

Authors: Ying Jie Xia, Ming Zhe Zhu, Xing Min Shi

Abstract: In order to implement the spatial Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) interpolation in parallel, we use the quadtree approach to decompose the...

Authors: Hao Zhang, Zhi Jing Liu, Hai Yong Zhao

Abstract: A novel algorithm is presented to acquire accurate human contour. For current algorithms extracting contour with multi-pixels width, it is...

Authors: Xiao Gang Wang, V.E. Kuzmichev, Yun Luo, Yue Li

Abstract: Body-scanning technology is the most up-to-date technology for achieving the body information. It helps to set up the database of body sizes...


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