Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems

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Authors: Hui Jing Wang, Kai Chen, Yi Zhou, Yan Zhang, Hai Bing Guan

Abstract: Motion segmentation for dynamic scene is a fundamental problem in computer vision due to its well-known chicken-and-egg character. The key...

Authors: Zhen Liu Zhou, Nan Zhang, Xiao Rui Zhang, Zheng Yang

Abstract: A trustworthy protected-ring model for UEFI firmware is proposed and a prototype based on Intel Platform Innovation Framework is implemented...

Authors: Kai Ye, Fei Qiao, Yu Min Ma

Abstract: . The paper focused on proposing a generic design for the structure model of semiconductor manufacturing. By means of analyzing traits of...

Authors: Ze Tao Jiang, Jia Fei He

Abstract: Although UCON makes a unified framework for research on modern access control, it is not applicable enough due to fact that it only gives...

Authors: Yong Qiang Zhao, Hong Ling Hou, Zhi Feng Li

Abstract: Dimension error and surface quality have much different between each teeth of gear, moreover directly affect the gear work. After many times...

Authors: Jian Kang, Wei Kang, Guo Sheng Rui

Abstract: To improve the poor performance of the maneuvering target tracking, Particle Filters (PF) and velocity constrained Particle Filters (VCPF)...

Authors: Ze Tao Jiang, Qing Hui Xiao, Ling Hong Zhu

Abstract: A new feature points extraction method is presented, which consider pixel as hexagonal. The method quasi increases the density of image...

Authors: Huan Qi Tao, Shuang Bao Ma

Abstract: This paper introduces a kind of measurement method of the height of liquid level by the tracking the use of angular displacement, aiming at...

Authors: Wei Xiong, Qun Xiang Zhang

Abstract: . The effects of quality management practices on product quality have been investigated extensively, but most of past studies conducted from...

Authors: Xuan Wu Zhou

Abstract: Compared with symmetric cryptosystem, asymmetric cryptosystem has much superiority in many application cases. Yet, the computation in a...


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