Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Cheng Yu Wang, Chang Yu Liu, Jian Li

Abstract: The preparation of hydrophobic CaCO3-wood composite through a double-diffusive method using dodecanoic acid as organic substrate is...

Authors: Chun Sheng Ding, Fang Ming Ni, Hui Ye Cai, Qian Fen Zhu, Ying Long Zou

Abstract: To optimize the conditions of modification and understand the absorption mechanism of activated carbon, the orthogonal test was used to...

Authors: Kai Yi Jiang, Yan Ling Guo, Wei Liang Zeng, Zong Sheng Xin

Abstract: The high cost of the raw materials and non-recycling use are the two main problems which restrict the development and extension of the SLS...

Authors: Wei Xu, Li Fen Hao, Lei Zhou

Abstract: Traditional lime and sulfide dehairing process is a major source of the pollution, such as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Zhi Hui Sui, Jing Bin Zhang

Abstract: In 1.0 mol/L H2SO4 solution, a rapid and simple flow—injection spectrophotometric method has been developed for Cr(Ⅵ) determination, based...

Authors: Peng Fei Yang, Ji Cheng Zhou, Zhe Wang

Abstract: The Zr-Cu-Ce/ZSM-5 catalysts prepared by the simultaneous ion-exchange showed high activity for NO decomposition in the presence of O2, the...

Authors: Zheng Xian Ma, Ning Zhang, Jiang Liu, Ping Ke Yan

Abstract: ZnO nanorods have been successfully synthesized by employing ZnCl2, NaOH as the starting materials without surfactants, template supporting...

Authors: Li Ying Guo, Mu Zhang

Abstract: The present work deals with the synthesis of various imidazole ionic liquids [BMIM]Cl, [AMIM]Cl, [AEIM]Cl, [HeEIM]Cl and [HeVIM]Cl, the...

Authors: An Ying Jiao, Yong Feng Li, Bing Liu, Kun Liu

Abstract: Batch culture of dark fermentation was carried out to study the feasibility of biohydrogen production using bagasse as the substrate. In...

Authors: Yan Li Mao, Rui Qun Liu, Shi Tian Luo, Peng Xiang Xu, Le Du, Kui Zhang

Abstract: In the present study we reported the feasibility of extracellular biopolymer(PF01) produced by Pseudomonas fluorescence as an alternative...


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