Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Yang Liu, Jian Ping Li, Chao Shi Cai

Abstract: This paper proposes an advanced iterative decoding scheme based on stopping criterion for BICM-ID embedded turbo codes. A fixed iterative...

Authors: Bing Wang, Yong Sheng Zhao, Zhi Hui Qu

Abstract: The natural attenuation process was studied by vadose zone simulating indoor to quantify the adsorption, biodegradation and volatilization...

Authors: Guo Jin Chen, Hui Peng Chen, Li Ping Chen

Abstract: The first of all, the multidisciplinary modeling and analyzing for the electric power steering system (EPS) is made. The design method based...

Authors: Mao Tao Zhu, Zhong Wang, Wei Wei Zhang

Abstract: Applying the method of finite element analysis, the finite element model of sub-frame of an automobile was built. With the aid of MSC...

Authors: Ye Cong, Peng Qin, Xuan Ke Li, Zhi Jun Dong, Guan Ming Yuan

Abstract: Nitrogen and lanthanum co-doped nanocsystalline titania photocatalysts were prepared by a homogeneous precipitation-hydrothermal process....

Authors: Yu Bo Xia, Yue Suo Yang, Xin Qiang Du

Abstract: Based on the experiment in lab and the investigation in study site, we have studied the adsorption of fine sand, medium sand and coarse sand...

Authors: Gui De Zheng, Ming Chen

Abstract: Cloud Computing technology enables the sharing and collaborating of wide variety of resources. To fully utilize these resources, effective...

Authors: Guo Ping Wang, Hua Ling Chen, She Miao Qi, Jiu Hui Wu, Lie Yu

Abstract: Distribution of static interference pressure between a thin-wall flexible cup and a flexible shaft fluctuates heavily along the axis of the...

Authors: Jie Li, Rui Feng Guo, Zhi Xiang Shao

Abstract: Task scheduling is an important research topic of real-time systems. Compared with the common real-time systems, CNC system has its own...

Authors: Hai Fang Li, Xiao Yan Qiao, Li Huan Men

Abstract: In this paper, we firstly get the Regions of Interest (ROI) using the Eye tracker and divide every image into two regions including ROI and...


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