Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Chen, Yi Ren Fan, Shao Gui Deng

Abstract: In view of the defect of particle swarm optimization which easily gets into partial extremum, the paper put out an improved particle swarm...

Authors: Hai Chuan Tian, Feng Xu, Guo Li Yang, Teng Fei Wu

Abstract: The two-dimensional unsteady heat transfer model is been established. Analyzing on heat storage-release property of phase change thermal...

Authors: Fu Zheng Yang, Jia Run Song, Shu Ai Wan

Abstract: In the paper a no-reference system for quality assessment of video streaming over RTP is proposed for monitoring the quality of networked...

Authors: Qing Ming Jia, Shao Yun Shan, Li Hong Jiang, Ya Ming Wang

Abstract: SiO2 doped by polyaniline for application in electrorheological (ER) fluid was prepared by using a simple one-pot interfacial synthesis...

Authors: Hao Chen, Jian Gao Yang, Mi Song Chen

Abstract: The Fe-based composite coatings were formed by plasma jet surface metallurgy using Fe, C, W, Cr and Al alloy powders on the low carbon...

Authors: Biao Zhang, Yue Huan Wang

Abstract: It is double-buses modularized structure with the combination of system control bus and high speed image data bus which is put forward in...

Authors: Xian Mei Wang, Ti Deng, Ling Yan Liang, Zhi Liang Wang

Abstract: For the disable people or the aged people, they need extra help in their daily household life. Various modern devices have been developed to...

Authors: Xiu Bin Ren, An Ning Zhou, Bo Liu, Long Lei

Abstract: Coal/Mg,Al-hydrotalcite composites were prepared and the flame-retardant properties were studied. DSC analysis was used to study the...

Authors: Pei Tao Guo, Zhi Lin Xia, Yi Yu Xue, Li Xin Zhao, Rui Wu

Abstract: Aluminum films were deposited on glass substrate by electron beam heat evaporation, and porous alumina films with high transmittance were...

Authors: Wen You, Hai Tao Ma, Niao Na Zhang

Abstract: This article raise a new control method to prevent splashing in the process of BOF refining steel, the method is based on soft-sensing...


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