Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Min Qu, Xiao Ting Huang, Gang Yi Cai

Abstract: The table of L9 (34) of orthogonal design was adopted in the experiment. The optimal formulation and process conditions of electroless...

Authors: Yu Sen Yang, Wesley Huang, Ming Shyan Huang, Cheng Fong Huang

Abstract: Sticking problems in injection molds are a significant challenge in product quality control. Molds are usually coated with a surface ceramic...

Authors: Ying Wu, Jun Jie Bai, Yi Xiang, Yi Hong Ou, Cheng Sheng Zhou

Abstract: The optoelectronic properties are very important to the design and fabrication of carbon nonoutbe based devices. This paper build the...

Authors: Yan Cang Li, Fang Meng Cheng, Shu Jing Zhou

Abstract: In order to find a way to study the structure reliability further, the basic system of structural and the methods of analyzing were...

Authors: Gang Yi Cai, Xiao Ting Huang, Peng Hui Deng

Abstract: Thermomechanical treatment was adopted to improve the comprehensive performance of AZ80 magnesium alloys in this paper. The influence of...

Authors: Jing Lian, Ya Fu Zhou, Xin Han Sun, Bao Yu Tian, Chang Jia Lin

Abstract: Based on the vehicle CAN bus technology, with features of Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) control network be concerned, CAN bus protocols of...

Authors: Yan Cang Li, Li Na Zhao, Shu Jing Zhou

Abstract: In recent years the genetic algorithm (GA) has received more and more attention of scholars. In order to find an effective way to use GA...

Authors: Juan Juan Suo, Yan Cang Li

Abstract: In the history of English and American literature, Romantic Period is so important that cannot be ignored by people. A lot of good writers...

Authors: Jing Sheng Lan, Yu Kang Dong, Xing Ming Cai

Abstract: To investigate the regulatory effects of high glucose on the expression of Toll Like Receptor(TLR) Gene and the level of tumor necrosis...

Authors: Xiao Yi Jin

Abstract: Rigid wing is a kind of wing model when making the experiment of high lift mechanism in insect flight and the research of numerical...


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